There is a game of distractions being played in Washington, D.C. right now. It is both intentional and designed to minimize conservative strengths.

We must not play the game as the left would have us play it.

Here is how the game is played.

The President pushes cap and trade to the Senate while also advancing socialized healthcare.

As those balls advance, the Attorney General makes rumblings about prosecuting individuals who engaged in enhanced interrogation techniques.

While conservatives get distracted by the Attorney General, the administration claims Dick Cheney refused to disclose a CIA program and the Democrats will investigate.

Tomorrow Sonya Sotomayor begins her confirmation hearings.

By throwing all of these balls around, the left hopes to distract the right. Our natural inclination is to be distracted by the shiny national security balls. Some of us will fixate on Sotomayor.

Meanwhile, the leftist agenda makes it way further through Congress. Already, some Blue Dog Democrats are leaning toward supporting socialized healthcare. And the right is suddenly intrigued by the Cheney story, which is as much about distracting us from Nancy Pelosi’s lies about the CIA as it is to distract us from coming policy.

Don’t play the game.

Sonya Sotomayor will be confirmed. Ignore that ball as best you can.

Dick Cheney will need some help, but we don’t all need to focus on that ball.

The interrogators will not be prosecuted. It is a ruse. Do not be distracted.

Cap and Trade and Obamacare are the balls in play. Keep focusing on them.

We cannot afford to be distracted from these two policy initiatives. They are trying to distract us. We must target Congress on healthcare and cap and trade.

It is a telling point of the game’s existence that the Democrats have not revealed the terms of their healthcare legislation. They want us fully distracted by these other matters before they do and rush it through.

Our singleminded focus right now must be on defeating healthcare reform. These other balls can keep bouncing off the walls.