Tim Geithner to Laid Off Americans: Your getting laid off is "healthy"

This is just disgusting.

According to CongressDaily, Tim Geithner testified before “a joint House Agriculture and Financial Services hearing on the regulation of derivatives.”

Noting the rising unemployment, Geithner said what the economy “is going through is a very necessary and healthy adjustment as [Americans] go back to living within their means.” He added: “We do not have an economy that is growing again.”

It’s a “necessary and healthy adjustment”? Seriously? 9.5% unemployment is necessary and healthy how exactly?

How is “an economy that is [not] growing” necessary and healthy?

This is the guy so needed to get our economy going again that Congress overlooked his tax evasion.

And this is the man who, having never worked in the private sector, thinks you losing your job is “necessary and healthy.”

That’s Barack Obama’s America.