The Power of Small Numbers: A Butterfly Effect

In Maricopa County, AZ there are 700,000 registered Republican voters.

There are 6,000 precinct captain positions for the Republican Party in Maricopa County. Of those, only 2,000 or filled. In other words, one-third of the precinct captain positions are filled. More bluntly, three-tenths of one percent of the registered Republicans in Maricopa County, AZ are actively engaged in their party.

Back in February, 200 people showed up at a tea party protest in Maricopa County. Assume, if you will, that half are not actively involved in the local Republican Party. That makes 100 people who were so hacked off at out of control government that they showed up at noon on a weekday to protest.

If those 100 people each became a precinct captain, they would have enough impact to make significant changes in the Maricopa County Republican Party. Why? Because of the 2000 named captains, not all are actively engaged. And of those who are, not all can show up at a meeting because of schedule conflicts.

If the 100 stand strong, they can approve the larger leadership of Maricopa County.

Just 100 people.

Yes, let’s remember that 300 Spartans held off the Persian Army. Small numbers compared to the thousands of well armed Persians (sorry, Pej).

Small numbers working well together can be powerful numbers. It just takes some dedication.

Because of ballot access laws in the several states, it is virtually impossible to organize and operate a third party. Look at the Libertarians. They have been around for years and have zero nationally elected politicians and very, very few at the local level. Same with the Greens. And remember 1992? The Reform Party stormed onto the scene only to rain out.

If we are to fundamentally change this country, we will do so through the existing party apparatus. And it is damn easy if you work at it with some friends.

Think about the numbers. Take, as another example, Bibb County, Georgia, where I live. If you show up at a precinct meeting, you are probably going to become precinct captain because no one shows up. Then you have a good chance of becoming Area Captain because, again, few show up.

If you do it with your friends, pretty soon you are bringing your delegates to the county convention and picking your county chairman who then gets to have a say at the state level. Better yet, if you coordinate with like minded members of the RedState Army in other parts of your state, pretty soon you’ll control your state party.

Then you have real power.

Ever hear of the “Butterfly effect“? To quote wikipedia, “Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system.” You know it better as a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan causes a storm in California.

Put in more relevant context — you showing up at your county Republican Party meeting causes a wholesale, long term readjustment in the Republican Party.

Friends, we can’t spend all day on RedState bitching and moaning about the state of our country and the state of the GOP. You don’t have to invest your money, just your time and talent.

We need a lot less preaching and a whole lot more doing. The power of small numbers of people willing to show up at a political party meeting gets amplified over time. If you are willing, you and your like minded friends can take over and change the Republican Party.

At the RedState Gathering on August 1st, we’re going to spend an hour talking about this topic and how to take our online activities offline to make a real difference.