Marathon Pundit went to a Cap and Trade inspired tea party at Mark Kirk’s office. The email about this is timely as we’re having heated discussion among the contributors right now regarding Kirk.

All things being equal, I’m happy to support Kirk for Senate because I think he can win statewide and is at least 50% better than what’s there. I don’t want to chase windmills if I don’t have to and I’m not convinced someone of my liking can win in Illinois, if only because the Illinois GOP and the Democrats would both do the person in.

But Kirk needs to know his vote was unnecessary and unacceptable.

By the way folks, this is a great example of offline activism we should all be doing more of.

After a few minutes outside waving signs on Skokie Bouleverd, Leary and I, accompanied by couple of other protesters, took an elevator up to Kirk’s office.

A polite staffer named Eric met with us for twenty minutes–we all expressed feelings, negative ones, about Kirk’s vote.

Well done!