Charlie Crist peddles his lies on Twitter

Charlie Crist has taken to Twitter to peddle his lies. Here’s the latest:

Tomorrow is the last day of our fund raising quarter. Please support our campaign for LESS TAXES, LESS GOVERNMENT, AND MORE FREEDOM.

Charlie Crist just signed a budget raising taxes on Floridians.

Charlie Crist supported and said he would vote for the Obama stimulus plan that expands the size of government, creating new agencies, new oversight, and new regulations.

As for Freedom, a man who wants to roll back efforts to end affirmative action, undo educational reforms that give Florida children greater access to the education of their choosing, and who supports the expansive spending policies of Barack Obama neither knows nor deserves freedom.

Stop the liar Charlie Crist.

The Wall Street Journal calls him the “Republican Barney Frank.”

Support Marco Rubio and support freedom.