The Daily RedState Contest: Write About Chris Dodd

Image descriptionAs you all know, between now and Friday we are giving away one copy a day of the Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide.

It is the perfect gift for Father’s Day and we’ll FedEx it out to you — no guarantee it gets there in time for the big day though.

In any event, here is today’s contest:

We’re focusing on the corrupt nature of Chris Dodd on the front page of RedState today. It’s very clear the man is a walking indictment waiting to happen.

So the contest today: One copy of Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide. to the person who writes the best user diary today about Chris Dodd.

We’ll be the judge. Our decision is final.

Get cracking. In addition to doing good work taking on Chris Dodd, the best diarist gets a free copy of a cool book.

Now have at it.