Elaine Lucas: Par for the course

I’ve submitted legislation to reduce Macon’s City Council from 15 members to 11 members by getting rid of Post 1 seats.In Macon, there are 5 city wards, with 3 posts in each ward. The first post runs city wide. In addition to my effort to shrink the size of Council (the largest in Georgia except for Atlanta’s), I’m also pushing legislation to make Council elections nonpartisan. Macon is the only municipality in Georgia with partisan elections.Naturally, Councilwoman Elaine Lucas considers it all racist.The funny thing is that, should the legislation to downsize Council pass, our majority white Council would become majority black because there are more white Council members in post 1 seats.Additionally, calling her bluff, I’m preparing an amendment to get rid of post 3 seats, which are elected inside the wards, instead of post 1 seats. I’m a post 3 seat so I’d be getting rid of my own spot, but it is for the good of the whole organization.Post 3, like post 1, is demographically majority white.Councilwoman Lucas, though, still sees racism in the effort to make City Council majority black. She is the gift that keeps on giving.