Barack Obama Either Does Not Know Much About Geopolitics or Does Not Care

You could be forgiven for thinking Barack Obama is intentionally screwing the Brits. It is hard to imagine a man who claims to be so smart doing something as dumb as sending GTMO detainees to Bermuda without Bermuda’s home government’s permission.

Because you are neither the President of the United States nor the Secretary of State of the United States, you could be forgiven for thinking that reaching out to Bermuda’s Premier would be an appropriate way to deal with the Uighurs.

The President of the United States and Secretary of State, however, should know or or have advisors who know that Bermuda is “a territory under the sovereignty of the UK, which is responsible for foreign and security policy.” In other words, the Brits are, yet again, angry with Obama for ignoring them.

The Brits are already unhappy with Obama for appearing to “undermine the tough stance adopted by the West towards Tehran” on the campaign trail, in addition to Obama’s weak stance on open trade.

But it is not just the Brits. It’s also the the people of Bermuda who do not take too kindly to Obama parking the Uighurs there. In doing so, Obama is disrupting the domestic political scene in Bermuda.

It boggles the mind to think this was negligence on the part of the American diplomatic corps. Not even Bush was able to bungle foreign diplomatic relations this badly — and this comes on the heels of Obama hacking off the French after snubbing Sarkozy publicly and privately.

The only question we must ask now is, how do you like him now?