LifeLock Emails RedState

[UPDATE]: From comments, it is reported that Embassy Suites is likewise disavowing any direct relationship with the David Letterman show. – Moe Lane

With calls to boycott David Letterman’s sponsors firing up over his suggesting Sarah Palin’s 13 year old daughter be raped, we have received an email from Lifelock, one of the targeted sponsors. See below:

From: Jason Ovitt
Date: June 11, 2009 10:51:57 AM EDT
To: RedState Contact
Subject: In accurate information propagated on your blog

At no time has LifeLock ever sponsored David Letterman or any other national CBS talk show. It is possible, however, that depending on where you live that your local station inserted one of our advertisements into an open slot. We have no control what these stations do with the open slot or where the station places our approved advertisement.

I would like to assure you again, that we have no affiliation with Mr. Letterman’s show.


Jason is in corporate communications at LifeLock.