Ask for a "Yes" vote on the Motion to Instruct

From Republicans in the House of Representatives:

Our commanders in the field, Generals Petraeus and Odierno, oppose releasing photos of prisoner interrogations. General Petraeus has said, “Newly released photos depicting, or that could be construed as depicting, abuse of detainees in U.S. military custody in Iraq and Afghanistan would place U.S. servicemen in Afghanistan at heightened risk.” General Odierno has said, “I strongly believe the release of these photos will endanger the lives of U.S. Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Sailors and civilians as well as the lives of our Iraqi partners.” And, “I believe these images will be used to inflame outrage against the U.S. and be used by terrorist organizations to recruit new members.”

Unfortunately, in an effort to cater to the far-left wing of the Democratic Caucus, the House Democratic Leadership has removed language in the supplemental troop-funding bill that would block release of these photos. Later today, the House will vote on a motion to – among other things – restore the language that prevents the release of these pictures (the Graham-Lieberman language).

Everyone should be clear about this vote: A “yes” vote is a vote to stop the release of these photos, a “no” vote will allow their release.

From Erick: This is a “motion to instruct.” You will want to go here, get the name of your Congressman, call him/her, and ask for a yes vote on the motion to reinsert the Graham-Lieberman language.