Dear Ed Whelan

Stop apologizing.

It’s great that Ed Whelan feels the need to apologize to a pseudonymous blogger who has spent lots of time hurling invective and personal attacks behind the comfort of anonymity. Whelan unmasked the blogger named Publius as a law professor at some law school in Texas where it will no doubt matter that the guy’s online persona is of an unhinged rabid leftist. Pulius is John Blevins at South Texas College of Law.

Frankly, Ed made me feel good about myself because I’ve been convinced for a while that, despite abandoning my law practice and never having made law review in law school, I am pretty damn sure I know more about the law than this Publius guy, whoever he may be. Now it turns out Publius is a law school professor and should know what he is talking about and, if you’ve ever wanted a good laugh and read his drivel, you know he doesn’t seem to know as much as he seems to think he knows.

Naturally, the left is crying foul that Ed dared unmask this guy. But you and I both know the left loves to do the same to the right. Ed Whelan never posted pictures of this guys house and family — something the left did to Michelle Malkin with hardly a peep out of their own side.

As I’ve written before, if the right spent half as much time throwing punches at the left as it does wringing hands over our own side, we’d be in a stronger position right now. But we don’t and too many on our side have fallen all over themselves rushing to the nearest keyboard to denounce what Ed Whelan did.

He did nothing wrong — or at least nothing the left would not do and nothing the left would say was wrong had they done it.

Ed, being a good guy, did apologize. That’s a sign of his strong character. Now he should go about his business and we should all smile. The moral of the story is pretty direct: if you can’t say something under your real name, you shouldn’t say it under your fake name. That this law professor feels chaste by the “outting” suggests he is a coward hiding behind his alias to be the man he’d otherwise not be in public. Too bad for him.

Caveat Blogger.