Barack Obama's Stimulus Is Not Stimulating

Moe has already pointed this out. It is worth reiterating and paying attention to.

Below is a chart prepared by the Obama administration — at least the blue lines were prepared by the Obama Administration. The light blue line shows what unemployment would be like if Barack Obama’s stimulus plan had not been passed.

The dark blue line shows what unemployment would be like with Barack Obama’s stimulus plan.

The assertion was that with the stimulus plan, the growth of unemployment would slow dramatically during the second quarter of 2009, taper off in the third quarter, then begin heading back down. Without the stimulus plan, unemployment would continue skyrocketing well into 2010.

There is some additional data added to the chart. Some red dots showing where unemployment is now that Barack Obama’s stimulus plan has passed. The result?

Actual unemployment has risen faster and higher than Barack Obama said would happen even without his stimulus plan. In other words: Barack Obama’s stimulus plan has failed to do what he claimed it would do and we are in greater debt and greater unemployment than if we had done nothing at all.