The Irony of Barack Obama's Speech

Let’s ignore, for a moment, that he introduced his Defense Secretary as William Gates.

Barack Obama has been out for over a year claiming George Bush was destroying the constitution.

Today, Barack Obama stood in front of the real, physical constitution in the National Archives with bright lights shining on the constitution.

Anyone who has been there knows that they won’t even let you have a camera flash go off near the document because it’ll cause irreparable damage to the document.

So while Bush is accused of figuratively destroying the constitution, Barack Obama actually does destroy it.

UPDATE: Well, there goes my fun. Jake Tapper says it was a copy of the Constitution back there. The National Archives didn’t bring the real one up from the vault. Thanks Jake. Of course, there’s as much fun to be had by the idea of Obama standing in front of a fake constitution.

Consider this an open thread.