Rich Democrat Uses Private Healthcare to Put Cancer in Remission. Doesn't Want You To Do Same.

Senator Edward Kennedy’s cancer is in remission.

Through the wonders of the American healthcare system — the finest on earth — Senator Kennedy was able to seek life saving treatment and, through that treatment, have his cancer go in remission.

The sad and tragic irony is that when Senator Kennedy returns to work, he will actively work to deny you the access to treatment he himself had.

We are not supposed to be so impolite to say such things, but the truth must be spoken.

We know, from what was publicly reported, that Senator Kennedy’s condition was extremely serious. We also know that Senator Kennedy’s compatriot, Senator Jay Rockefeller, said that under Senator Kennedy’s and the Democrats’ healthcare plan the government is going to weigh the cost/benefit of healthcare choices and deny you access to treatment if the cost outweighed the benefit.

Given media reports of Senator Kennedy’s health, we can postulate that, had Senator Kennedy had access to healthcare under the system he intends to design, he would not have gotten the treatment that put his cancer in remission.

We can also postulate one other thing — when Senator Kennedy does design the Democrats’ healthcare system, they will make sure people like Senator Kennedy are not subjected to it.

Just you and me.

But don’t worry. People like Arlen Specter will continue raising campaign cash off the plight of those stricken with cancer even while denying those people treatments they want but the government thinks would be wasted.