The Car Czar is taking the title too literally

Steve Rattner, you will recall, is Barack Obama’s car czar — the man who has gone so far as to micromanage GM’s advertising campaigns and car inventories.

Rattner is also the guy who, in the name of global warming and environmentalism, is pushing GM and Chrysler to build smaller cars that use less fuel and kill more people in collisions.

You would think that Rattner, who is insistent that Americans must have smaller cars whether they want them or not, would do to himself as he is doing to others. You would be wrong.

Like the Soviet bureaucrats who forced Russian families into one bedroom apartments with 4 kids and grandparents all piled up together, while the bureaucrats fled to palatial dachas on the weekend in the Crimea, Steve Rattner is downsizing us while building himself a huge mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

Rattner is moving full-speed ahead with construction of a lavish, $15 million summer home in the Lambert’s Cove area of West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard — a palatial mansion he’s had in the works since 2006. It’s caused a furor among wealthy Vineyard residents, who’ve called the planned 15,500-square-foot project far too big and gaudy, The Post’s Mark DeCambre reports.

This is rather typical of the Obama administration in general. They demand Americans downsize while they live it up themselves. While Americans everywhere are being asked to make cutbacks by the President, Wednesday night is party night in the White House.

While Steve Rattner insists we all do our part for the environment by buying cars too small for our families to fit in safely, he builds a 15,000 sq. ft. mansion his neighbors are opposed to.

No doubt when Rattner moves in and invites Obama over for the house warming, the first toast will be “To the prosperity of The Manor Farm!