Not one dime to the NRSC

If you have Facebook, I encourage you to join the group.

You know, I can slightly understand the NRSC getting into the Chaffee race, though it was a stupid waste and mismanagement of funds.

I can kind of understand them getting behind Specter. Both he and Chaffee were incumbents.

But getting behind Crist in the Florida primary is wholly unacceptable for all the reasons and explanations Dan gave.

If the NRSC thinks this is smart, we must not waste our time or energy with them. Join me in pledging no money, no help, no aid, and no support for the NRSC’s efforts in the 2010 election cycle.

And if you are hesitant, remember that Charlie Crist, the NRSC’s wonder boy, is set to sign into law a massive tax increase on the working people of Florida.

We can disagree with the NRSC on many things, but this one is a bridge too far.

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