Charlie Crist is the diversity candidate? NRSC FAIL

I’m reminded of a quote from the media a couple of months ago that conservatives could not support Charlie Crist in Florida because of his support for diversity initiatives. The reporter failed to them point out that these white Christian conservatives were supporting the Latino candidate.

What reminded me was this quote

Tom Slade, a former chairman of the Florida GOP, said popularity always trumps ideology, and he predicted Crist easily would win the Republican nomination.

That, he added, that might be good for the party as a whole.

“There are not enough blue-eyed, white, blond guys and girls who go to church three times on Sunday and once on Wednesday to make up a majority for the Republican Party almost anywhere,” Slade said. “If we don’t broaden the party, there won’t be much of a party left.”

Yes, so let’s broaden the party by electing a white guy instead of a Latino.

Well said, Mr. Slade.

Likewise, the NRSC (though I’m sure it doesn’t want to take full credit) has decided to trot out a host of sitting United States Senators to applaud the NRSC’s decision to endorse Charlie Crist.

Who have they trotted out? John Thune, LIndsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell.

Let’s ignore Thune for a minute. Is trotting out John McCain’s Senate boy the best idea to reassure Republicans?

Additionally, do they really want the GOP to feel reassured that Mitch McConnell blesses this endorsement? Exactly how many seats has the GOP picked up with Mitch McConnell as Senate Leader? How about loses every time?

NRSC: Fail

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