Beer, Banter, and Organizing — Come to Atlanta

Pretty much every one on this site decries the general apathy and lack of activism on our side of the aisle.As online activists go, I do believe there is no finer place to get stuff done than RedState.In the past year, my personal motto in what I write at RedState is “blow s**t up” We should not give the establishment Republicans an easy time. We should not give the Democrats a pass.Sometimes the fighting wears us out.I had intended to invite a few folks to Atlanta to have a few beers, relax, and finally meet face to face on August 1st. A lot of us have known each other for a long time online. To be more effective, we need to meet offline.We’re going to have an exciting even in Atlanta. What was to be a couple dozen people passing a hat and drinking a beer has become an all day affair at a fine hotel with minimal costs other than lodging and travel.But to pull it off, we need eighty people staying at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. If we get 80 people, we can get a rate as cheap as $99.00, with two free breakfasts.But we need you there. We’re working on getting some pretty big names, though locking them in is, like the hotel deal, dependent on the number of people who show up.Go register here. I can’t wait to see you all in person. And you, like me, can get inspired and united to blow s**t up.I’d say let’s put our money where our mouth is. But what I really want is for us to put our bodies in Atlanta — a grand gathering of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.And did I mention the beer and free breakfasts?