The Lesbian Who Loved A Man: Wanda Sykes Is Hot for Barry & Cold for Rush and Cheney

[Editorial Note to Ms. Sykes from Erick: I’m pretty sure, if we play the odds, it would be more likely for the 20th hijacker to be named Barack Hussein Obama than Rush Hudson Limbaugh, III]

By now you have probably read about Wanda Sykes’ comments at the Correspondents Dinner. It is the first time in recorded history a lesbian has stood before America’s media elite and performed oral favors on a man — and not just any man. She did so to the President of the United States. It was a Lewinsky moment without the cigar and stained dress.

Never mind that the American media elite would never dream of inviting anyone to speak at the Correspondents Dinner who supported a Republican. But the fawning hagiography to Obama continues. And it does so with some pointed remarks about Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney.

Did you hear the one about Barack Obama? He was in a boat with a rabbi, a pastor, and a Hindu priest. He said, “This isn’t funny. There’s no muslim here. There’s no muslim here.”

Did you hear the one about why they canceled the national day of prayer observances at the White House? Too much to do to stop and pray toward Mecca five times a day.

Do you know the difference between Barack Obama and cocaine? One gets to walk around the White House freely. The other has to be hidden in his daughter’s teddy bear. (H/t Caleb).

Do you know the difference between Barack Obama and the hijackers on 9/11? The hijackers didn’t live to cheer the World Trade Center toppling.

Outrageous, aren’t they? (keep reading)

Not really worth laughing at, are they?

Hey, how about I hope Barack Obama’s lungs fail under the strain of his smoking? No, Wanda Sykes would never say that.

But Barack Obama laughed at statements just as offensive about Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney. You can’t really even call them jokes. We know the lesbian comedienne started off on rocky ground about Vice President Cheney because of his first name. From there, the fact that he actually kept us safe was a real frustration for her. She, in her own way, loathes this backwardly still conservative leaning country as much as the men who hijacked those planes. And she is wiling to project her disgust and outrage onto Republicans while Barack Obama cheers her on.

If a Republican were to sit in front of the media elite and laugh about Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi being the 20th hijacker on 9/11, it would be front page news. The media would be outraged. That is a statement of fact we all know too well.

But there is another statement of fact that we need to point out. Sykes said of Limbaugh, “He’s not saying anything differently than what Osama bin Laden is saying.” Clearly Sykes has never listened to LImbaugh because that is patently not true. But she also must not be paying attention to Barack Obama. Because while Osama Bin Laden is calling for America to be destroyed, Barack Obama is actually trying to destroy it.

That is why Rush, me, and others want Barack Obama to fail. And that is no laughing matter.