Remember Priorities

A friend called me earlier today as I was heading into the grocery store to buy stuff to make a surprise meal for my wife tonight. He wanted to tell me a story that I want to tell you.

A man ran against this friend of mine a few years ago for a political office. As often happens, the two got to be friends. My friend’s friend is a committed pro-life Christian. Last year, this friend’s former opponent turned friend’s wife got pregnant.

Shortly after getting pregnant, they found out the wife had cancer. The wife was a county chairman for Georgia Right to Life. Many people may say she and her husband are crazy. Many people may not understand. But despite doctors’ insisting she have an abortion and begin cancer treatments, she refused. She did not want to kill her child to save herself.

It’s a choice some people do not understand and cruel people will sometimes mock. Some use it as an opportunity to mock God, questioning his purpose, his fairness, or even his existence. It is a difficult choice. Living your principles is not often easy. Sometimes we fail.

This lady did not fail.

Six weeks ago she and her husband welcomed a healthy child into this world. And she began to recovery too.

Over the last week, though, things took a turn for the worst. Susan went home to the Lord over the weekend. She leaves behind her husband and four children. She also leaves a very valuable testament to life and a much needed reminder that there are things in life more important than the daily grind in politics. She also leaves us with a very real reminder that sometimes we are called on to live our principles even in the face of death.

I don’t know that I could. But it is nice, however sad the news may be, to know there is someone willing to stand on principles even unto the end.