Is the NRSC Maneuvering to Push Tom Ridge?

Will the NRSC staff push former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge to get into the Pennsylvania primary against Pat Toomey?

It would not surprise me to learn that they are leaning that way, convinced that Pat Toomey cannot win, but someone a close friend of George W. Bush and a pro-abort candidate can win.

People seem to forget that Pat Toomey, while in Congress, regularly won a district that leaned Democrat.

Ridge is the only Republican who makes Specter appear conservative. He is pro-abortion, anti-school choice, and pro-tax. He was also not exactly stellar as Secretary of Homeland Security, though the present Secretary there makes him look sharp in contrast.

If the NRSC were to come out in favor of a pro-choice Bushie in Pennsylvania, it would be suicide for their fundraising efforts among conservatives.