Obama Continues To March Toward More American Deaths

The other day I asked a very serious question: How Many Americans Will Die Because of Barack Obama’s Weak National Security Leadership?

As I noted at the time and have noted previously,

That Obama is sweeping out career intelligence officers is a clear sign he intends to clear out the policies these intelligence officers advocated and implemented — the very same policies that kept us safe for eight years.

But there is an additional, very serious issue at stake here.

The low level guys, the Jack Bauers if you will, are seeing all of this. They see a President right now who made tough decisions in secret and stood by those decisions when they became public, even though those decisions were hugely unpopular. The low level guys intrinsically knew they could kill bad men in undisclosed locations and be supported if the lights came on.

These same men see the incoming President unwilling to stand behind one of their own — a career CIA officer in John O. Brennan. It is an unspoken message to all of them that should they take the bold action needed to keep freedom secure, they may not be backed up by President Obama should the actions come to light.

They will therefore return to their state of being prior to 9/11. And darkness will again start creeping from the shadows.

Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost. Jake Tapper notes today that people inside the CIA are beginning to bristle at Barack Obama throwing them under the bus.

But some experts say the move could have a chilling effect on the CIA even beyond President Obama’s decision last week to release the so-called “torture memos.”

Calling the ACLU push to release the photographs “prurient” and “reprehensible,” Dr. Mark M. Lowenthal, former Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production, tells ABC News that the Obama administration should have taken the case all the way to the Supreme Court. . . .

Lowenthal said the president’s moves in the last week have left many in the CIA dispirited, based on “the undercurrent I’ve been getting from colleagues still in the building, or colleagues who have left not that long ago.”

“We ask these people to do extremely dangerous things, things they’ve been ordered to do by legal authorities, with the understanding that they will get top cover if something goes wrong,” Lowenthal says. “They don’t believe they have that cover anymore.”

That is exactly what I have been saying. Compare the left’s treatment of the present information and memoranda to Valerie Plame. She had not been an active spy for some time and the left demanded Bush administration heads for her name coming out.

On the other hand, here we have present employees of the CIA and those who, up until January 20, 2009, were making life and death decisions in the war on terror being publicly outed by the Obama administration and their compatriots in the media.

One can wonder if Obama just hopes these guys get offed by terrorists so he does not have to actually take a bold stand against the Democrats’ intended witch hunt.

The Obama Administration could do no better than it is presently doing to aid and abet our terrorist enemies without actually, you know, supporting them. When CIA agents and our military are no longer willing to do the deeds in darkness that keep us safe domestically, the terrorists will slowly start testing for weaknesses again.

Remember the scene in Jurassic Park where the raptors kept testing the electric fence to see if the power was still on? Barack Obama just turned the power off and issued a press release to tell the world.

How many Americans will die because Barack Obama just can’t help but undermine our national security?