How Obama Intends to Control the Census

With a hat tip to my friend David, we know now how Barack Obama intends to turn the Census into a political quagmire without pulling it into the White House. See this from the Washington Times.

President Obama is losing a member of his press shop just shy of his first 100 days in office.

Ellen Moran, White House communications director, will become chief of staff for Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.

Mr. Obama issued a statement through the press office commending her service thus far.

The Commerce Department ostensibly controls the census and keeps politics out of it. However, Ellen Moran is a far left radical. She’s the former ED of Emily’s list, worked for DNC, DCCC, and AFL-CIO. Her resume is straight out of left-wing activism, not communications.

Putting a loyal lieutenant standing behind Gary Locke is the perfect way to ensure the Census makes up inaccurate numbers to better help the Democrats in the coming census.