Getting the VRWC Together Down in Georgia

We’ve talked a lot about getting the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy together down in Georgia — either in Macon where I am or an hour north in Atlanta. The interest has been considerable. I’m still not fully sure it is doable, but I imagine that even if a few of us want to meet at a watering hole somewhere, it would be fun to get to know you guys in person.

So, with that in mind, the time frame we discussed was end of July to beginning of August. Which weekend works best for you:

Saturday, July 25th
Saturday, August 1st
Saturday, August 8th

I had embedded a poll, but until Neil can figure out why the code keeps getting stripped, leave your preference in the comments — and yes, it needs to be one of those three weekends. “I can’t make any of those, but September 26th would be awesome,” type responses will be ignored. 😉

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