Challenging John McCain

I’m not a fan of John McCain. I was not a fan of his campaign for President. I think he tends to be a bully. But in the grand scheme of things, John McCain does not throw his own party under the bus as much as some of his colleagues in the Republican Conference.2010 is going to be a tough year for Republicans to rebuild in the Senate. One seat shy of a filibuster proof Senate, we cannot afford losses and need resources to make gains.I know there are a lot of people who think the GOP is no better than the Democrats. That’s fine. But they are full of crap and they should know it, though most of them don’t. And that is not an audience I’m writing for.There is a difference and we should always work to refine our side to make the contrast with the Democrats better. But given the limited resources we have facing us heading into 2010, there is only so much we can do.Given the choice between opposing John McCain with Chris Simcox in a primary or opposing Arlen Specter with Pat Toomey, I think our money is much better spent beating Arlen Specter. We only have so much money, so many volunteers, etc. that we can put on the battlefield. And i believe, looking at the demographics of both Arizona and Pennsylvania, it is far, far more likely that Pat Toomey could win a general election than Chris Simcox.It is also a no brainer that in a limited field, we need to pick off the worse of our side, not the guy who is mostly with us, but feels like poison ivy — we can cover ourselves in caladryl dealing with McCain. With Specter, we need to toss him because preparation-H only does so much.So don’t expect RedState to get on the Chris Simcox bandwagon. I don’t have the energy to chase that rabbit down a losing hole.