The People Have Spoken. "Freedom First"

Today, hundreds of thousands of people showed up all across the country to protest. They were not protesting Barack Obama — though he was a focal point. They were protesting policies put in place by both Republicans and Democrats that see to make people slaves to government.

The media does not get the tea parties. Some of them are very tempted to buy into the astroturf allegation, wholly forgetting what an astroturf campaign is. As a reminder: an astroturf campaign is one generated surreptitiously by monied interests seeking to advocate a position under the veneer of grassroots sentiment. The key here is that the monied interests start the process.

Nothing could be further from the truth here. While groups like Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, American Solutions, etc. saw a good thing and sought to latch on, they did not start them. These groups were organized across the nation by activists who are sick and tired of being sick and tired at out of control government.

Abraham Lincoln said that what makes America great is that every man can make himself. If Barack Obama is successful, that will no longer be the case. Government would, if Obama and the Democrats are successful, make our lives for us.

That is why people protested. People want their freedom first. And they cannot have it if government forces dependence on them or government forces them to work just to keep up with the mounting debt.

Without freedom, we can have nothing else. And with an $11 trillion deficit and growing, freedom is in short supply.

The tea party protests, however, are frankly meaningless. Showing up to protest does nothing. You and I can put meaning into these protests by harnessing the day’s energies for real change — throwing the bums out and restoring freedom in a free market.