Roy Blunt: "Protesting Taxing & Spending is Offensive to Taxers and Spenders"

Just got off the phone with Roy Blunt. He was calling about the Department of Homeland Security report and called it “stupid.”

He said he is pretty offended by it and we “cannot let the government get away without paying a price in public opinion,” which, he said, is really about all the Obama administration cares about right now.

He said Missouri made the same mistake claiming that Ron Paul and Bob Barr supporters, among others, needed to be monitored. Then, he said, “the feds have now madd the same stupid mistake.”

Missouri’s Governor, like the Obama administration, tried to blame the outgoing Republican administration in Missouri, but just as Congressman Blunt’s son noted, neither he nor George Bush would ever have let something like that get out of government.

This is all the Obama administration.

“People protesting taxing and spending is offensive to taxers and spenders. But it is really outrageous that the taxers and spenders would put people on a watch list because they want to restrain government spending,” Congressman Blunt said.

I totally agree and hope we continuously remind people that the Obama administration believes that people who want the government to operate within the parameters of the constitution are considered extremists.