Rubio Will Run

Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio has gotten a lot of people excited by a potential Senate run. Young, dynamic, and undeniably conservative, Rubio has left a few people hanging by having an exploratory committee. He did not throw himself into the campaign altogether.

Well, let me be the first to report good news: Rubio is all in. No, the campaign has not been willing to confirm it, but my sources are impeccable. Marco Rubio will run for the United States Senate regardless of what Charlie Crist or anyone else does.

Thank God! Rubio is an awesome alternative to Barack Obama’s favorite Republican a/k/a Governor Crist.

Crist will rely on cross-over votes from Democrats to try to get the nomination, which all the more reason Republicans need to rally behind Rubio.

And Rubio is already having great fundraising successes. You might want to give him some cash too.

I hope the guys at Draft Marco Rubio are happy.