Jesus Goes to Jail

On the way home from daycare yesterday, Evelyn got in the car and, most seriously, told Christy that Evelyn was calling the cops to arrest Jesus.”Mommy, I’m gonna call the police to take care of Jesus,” she said.”Huh?!” Christy replied.”I’m gonna call those policemen to go take care of Jesus. I told him to make it sunshine and he made it rain. He didn’t listen so he needs to go to jail,” Evelyn responded matter of factly.Christy tried not to laugh.”Hello, Police?” Christy overheard Evelyn say after she pulled her play cell phone out of her Tinkerbell purse and press the buttons. “Yes, this is Evelyn Erickson. I need you to go take care of Jesus. He made it rain and I told him to make it sun shine. He needs to go to jail.”Thank God Christy was able to keep it together long enough to get home without wrecking the car.