It does us no good to throw out the bums only to replace them with bums

There is a lot of angst in the land right now. Just a few days ago I asked a simple question: at what point do people revolt?

I was not calling for a revolution. Being an elected official, I don’t much want one. But it is a simple question given the times we live in. LIberals are mad at conservatives. Conservatives are mad at liberals. Conservatives feel betrayed by Bush. Some liberals feel betrayed by Obama. Everyone feels betrayed by government. Government is out of touch. But no one does anything.

Liberty dies by a thousand cuts and at some point some where someone is going to be too pissed off to get cut again. That person is going to start slashing and burning in retribution.

Anyway, I asked the question. Since then I’ve been under a leftist barage of criticism. Keep in mind that the people now attacking me for wanting a revolution (something I don’t want) are the same people who were convinced Dick Cheney was going to launch a coup and refuse to vacate the premises earlier this year.

In addition to not having a great reading comprehension, they are crazy.

But this all inspired me to put together a short podcast for your edification. Let me summarize the point for those not interested in listening:

1. The GOP needs to repudiate the spenders to get back credibility. But in so doing, we should rehabilitate the repentant.

2. We should put at the forefront of party leadership those who were willing to stand up to Bush on his domestic spending initiatives — they should now lead.

3. We should throw out the guys who have betrayed us and keep betraying us.

After all, it is no good for us to throw out the bums if we are going to replace them with bums.

In so doing, those people who are attending tea parties around the country should focus on rehabilitating the GOP. It remains a near impossible quest to launch a viable third party in this country. And given the choice of the GOP and the Democrats, only one has a base of people who still — the majority of them — put freedom first.

So the local activists who attend the protests need to get home from the protests and start attending their local GOP meetings. They need to get involved. They need to recruit people who have made their way in the world in spite of government. They need to fill the ranks with good men and women who are committed to first principles.

All the energy and angst that is out there right now can be harnessed for good or for ill. I say harness it for good and rehabilitate the right.

The fight for freedom needs faithful warriors. And a revolution can come, but should come at the ballot box.

If you are interested, you can hear my podcast on the subject here.

or listen here: