The Blue Span of Death: Microsoft's Gov't Funded Bridge to Microsoft

Instead of the blue screen of death, let’s call it the blue span of death. Like the bridge to nowhere, Microsoft has somehow gotten its hands on $11 million of the stimulus dollars to build a bridge that will connect Microsoft to . . . well . . . Microsoft.

This is another example of Obama deciding he knows what’s best and us winding up with a raw deal.

According to CNN:

“It’s going create just under 400 jobs for 18 months constructing the bridge,” says Redmond Mayor John Marchione. “It’s also connecting our technical sector with our retail and commercial sectors so people can cross the freeway to shop and help traffic flow.”

Marchione applied for federal stimulus money after costs jumped on the project from $25 million to $36 million. Marchione says the increase in costs were due to a rise in construction prices and because the bridge will be built on a diagonal in order to connect Microsoft’s original East campus with a newer West campus that are split by a public highway.

Microsoft is hardly getting the bridge for free. The company is contributing $17.5 million or a little less than half the tab of the $36 million bridge, which would be open for public use.

In other words, the taxpayers of this nation are buying Microsoft a bridge that Microsoft could afford to buy itself.

Let’s hope the bridge doesn’t crash like Vista or it really will be a span of death.