The JournoList

Here’s your chance to peek inside the left-wing echo chamber.

The actual Google Group address is here, though it is a private group. (I wonder how long before a civic minding right wing hacker tries successfully to break in? Not that I’d ever encourage that.)

It makes for an interesting conversation. Apparently, many of the lefties don’t much care for Olbermann either. And they hate Marty Peretz, considering him a racist, which we all know is code for “Jewish” among this group of typically America haters who, many of them at least, tend to not exactly like Jews when they are being candid.

P.S. — Given all the bile directed at Olbermann on that list, yes we can now officially say he is not on the list, just some of his muppets. But does he know they secretly dislike him too. Guess he’ll need to up his thorazine dosage.

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