Tea Party Info Wanted

Image descriptionIf you are headed out to your local tea party on April 15th, we want to help you out.

You can go to our RedState Store on Cafe Press and buy a bunch of relevant bumper stickers. You can get them as singles or packs of 10 to pass out.

You’ll be helping us promote RedState and drive home a solid message.

Likewise, check back in this afternoon and we’ll have some posters there that you can get via Cafe Press to take and hold up with you.

Now, here’s where you need to pay attention:

We want to promote to the front page those diaries that give details on local tea parties around the country.

If you’ve got one, be sure to put in the tag “tea parties” (without the quotes) in the tag field and give us the who, what, where, and when — we know why already.

I’ve had several people email wanting to know about Nashville, TN; Orlando, FL; and Shreveport, LA. Got any details on tea parties for those locations? I want them and any others.

And don’t forget to get your stickers and signs.