The Insane Elaine Lucas Meltdown

This is just way too funny and worth sharing. The things we put up with here in Macon, GA.Here’s the backstory: The City Council and County Commission in Macon and Bibb County passed a resolution asking for a penny increase to the hotel/motel tax to pay for the Georgia Music and Sports Halls of Fame.I opposed it. In fact, I was the only member of my City Council to oppose it. It passed. It went to the local delegation — those members of the General Assembly who represent our county. The local delegation is split with 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats.Several people tell me that Rep. David Lucas, a long time member of the General Assembly and noted race baiter, said he was opposed to the resolution because only white people go to the Halls of Fame. He insisted that the Douglass Theater be included. The Republicans reluctantly agreed. Then Lucas demanded an amphitheater/football stadium also be included. The GOP members of the local delegation balked.I sent out an email telling people what was going on, what David Lucas said, and asked that people call the Mayor on Monday to protest the idea of raising taxes to pay for an amphitheater/football stadium.David Lucas’s wife, Elaine, is on city council with me. Here now is our email exchange over the last two days. It is damn funny. I’ve laughed and laughed the whole way through the weekend over it.Arranged so you can see read from top to bottom:—–Original Message—–From: Langstaff, PopeSent: Friday, March 20, 2009 11:23 AMTo: Humphrey, Joyce R.Cc: Reichert, R.Subject: Special meeting on hotel taxJoyce, attached is resolution to be considered at special council meeting on call of mayor for Monday, March 23, 2009 at 6 pm in council chambers.Below is suggested language for your call of the special meeting, or Joyce can just reference the attached resolution.Pursuant to city charter section 3-323, in my capacity as mayor of the City of Macon, Georgia, I hereby call a special meeting of council to be held on Monday, March 23, 2009 in council chambers, for the following purpose: to consider a resolution proposing to increase the hotel motel tax from 6% to 7% and replacing the former resolution adopted by council on August 19, 2008, for the same purpose. The new resolution would alter the former resolution in that it would provide for a portion of the amount of hotel motel tax formerly allocated to the Sports and Music Halls of Fame to go toward the Douglas Theatre and an authority or other organization to design and build a proposed amphitheatre or stadium (if such facility determined to be feasible, the same money otherwise to go to the Halls of Fame). The two Halls of Fame and the Douglas and amphitheater would each receive 3.57% of the total hotel motel tax collected (or one fourth of a penny).———————————————–Elaine Lucas’s Reponse:Shame on Erick Erikkkson. He is spreading lies about David and expecting rational people to believe them. Please check to see who it is that he says told him about David’s alleged remarks and you will find out that he is a cowardly liar. I hope that you all will support the resolution that we are asked to consider and vote on to support the development of a comprehensive tourist plan for our city. We are already on the road through our support of the Douglass, The Tubman, The Children’s Museum, and the Terminal Station. We need just a few more pieces to make this tourist destination puzzle work.————————————————-My Response to Elaine:Love the triple K’s in my name. I guess hanging out with high schoolchildren all day, you can’t help but act like a child yourself. Youand your husband are both cut from the same cloth, having never beenwilling to get the chips off your shoulders ? seeing racistseverywhere except in your mirror.According to multiple people who were in the room, including membersof the local delegation, David said he would not support just fundingthe Halls of Fame because “only white people go to them.” At thatpoint he insisted on funding the Douglass Theater, but then naturallydecided to throw in his football stadium/amphitheater idea.Given his sharp business acumen, one would think he would have seenthe benefit of selling the Douglass as the logical venue for hostingamphitheater style events for the Music Hall of Fame.Shame on me? Seriously? Your problem is that you write “expectingrational people to believe” what you attribute to me as “lies.”Rational people have no problem presupposing those things because ofyour and David’s treatment of this community over the years.Take, for example, your dealings with the Museum of Arts and Sciencesand your first reaction, until corrected, was to accuse them ofexcluding “black” children as opposed to children in general.There are no lies here — just truths no one has ever held you twoaccountable for until now. Sucks having someone on Council who isn’twilling to let you slide every time you throw a “Poor Elaine” pityparty, huh?Have a great weekend!Erick Erickson————————————————————————–Elaine’s Response to my Rebuttal:Meet you face to face for a debate anytime–anyplace. You are a cowardly liar and everybody knows it. You think that you are more intellligent than anyone on earth. The simple fact is that you are an outsider trying to make a living telling lies and fooling people. Go back to Carpetbagville where you and your ilk belong. You cannot stand the fact that nobody bows down to you and they can’t wait until you leave town. Rational people don’t like you, your allies are afraid of being attacked by you, and nobody else knows your name. It sucks to have to live in the same space with you and your kind. You give Macon a very bad name. We did fine before you came and will survive together after you have totally divided and undermined the good in this town and have moved on. Leave, Erick Erikkksson—leave if you don’t like us here in Macon. I will introduce the legislation calling for the election to fill your vacancy with someone who believes in Macon’s people and progress for thiscommunity. AMEN—————————————My final email to which she has not responded:What a delightfully humorous and ironic thing it was to be leaving church and see this email just as several long time Maconites were telling me they enjoyed my column this week in the Telegraph relating to Macon doing the same thing over and over and never getting ahead. You know, I get emails of encouragement everyday from long time residents of this city who are so glad someone is finally standing up for them and not just embracing the status quo of stagnation.I hate to get all pop-psychology, but the level of hate expressed in your email could only stem from either a weak mind or fear of me, perhaps and most likely both. I dare say there is a heavy level of projection going on — have you finally realized how most people in Macon view you? Quite seriously, you suggest that rational people don’t like me, my allies are afraid of me, and nobody else knows my name? Clearly it seems I know more about you than you know of me. There was a great Newsweek profile of me a few months ago you might like to read — it’ll at least explain exactly what I do for a living (http://www.newsweek.com/id/169187)Here’s what I’m perplexed by. You write, “We did fine before you came and will survive together after you have totally divided and undermined the good in this town and have moved on.” I’m not exactly sure which reality you live in, but in the actual reality, Macon is getting left in the gutter as everyone around us grows their tax base and standard of living. Business, when it chooses to move here, stays outside the city lest the businesses have to deal with people such as yourself. The population in the city has dwindled dramatically in the past few decades as people flee the city into the county and some flee the county for elsewhere. Unemployment has crept up. Educational standards have crept down. About the only thing consistent has been your rather lengthy tenure on City Council as the situation has gone from worse to even worse — it’s like you are Nero playing the fiddle as Rome burns, only you prefer persecuting reformers instead of Christians.And that’s just it. I believe in Macon. I believe in a city where the private schools shut down because the public schools are thriving. I believe in a city where partisan and race fueled interests are put aside so we can all mutually strive and thrive. I believe in a city where the length of time living in the city, the color of one’s skin, or the lack of a familiar last name are no impediment to throwing one’s lot in with the city as we move forward and being embraced by long time residents.On the other hand, you seem to want to reject any vision of Macon that does not fall down and worship in front of you and adhere to your prejudices and contempt for other people. That is such a shame. The hatred that fuels you and your ambition is such a terrible pity. From my vantage point, there is no mutual hatred here. Though you may hate me, I pity you. The energy you have could be so much better harnessed than living in the squalor of your prejudice.If you would like to debate, I am happy to. I’m sure Chris Krok would love to have us both on his radio show for a discussion. Perhaps even Fox Files, though it seems they like to protect you from difficult questions. Maybe even Kenny and Charles would like to have us on.I’m sorry you have such hostility in you. But I will not back down and I will not yield to you. It is high time someone was willing to stand up to you and hold you accountable for keeping this city in the gutter with you.Have a great rest of the weekend.Erick————————————–Elaine has finally responded with this:DIAGNOSISLittle man, little mind, hates Macon, needs to relocate to a city where people are gullible. Time spent in Macon is over. Needs help to overcome his small man syndrome. Take all other carpetbaggers with him. Needs a Big Brother. Immediate attention needed.————————————–Here’s my quick rebuttal:Wow. I think you’ve left me speechless with this one. Shall we now descend into “I’m rubber, you’re glue” territory or “sticks and stones” territory?This is comedy gold.I am a bit perplexed though. You have now in three consecutive emails referred to me as a carpetbagger. Are you educated enough to even know what those are? And likewise, isn’t it more than a little telling that you’d refer to someone who has lived in Macon for 16 years as a carpetbagger?This is exactly the sort of thing that holds this city back. You simply cannot bring yourself to embrace people who do not have a multi-generational connection to Bibb County.Thanks for the laugh. See you tomorrow evening.——————————–Elaine now going in circles:You didn’t address the small man syndrome or the tiny mind or the divisiveness you engender in this city, Carpetbagger.——————————–My response:Now we’re going in circles. Perhaps we should save this for that debate you want to have instead of cluttering up everybody’s inbox.By the way, after that last email, a friend on Facebook suggests if you get to call me Erick Erickkkson, I should call you Elame Doofus. Not quite as funny as your emails, though.Oh, and be sure to tune in to the radio tomorrow morning at 8:30. Chris Krok and I are going to read this email exchange. I’ll be playing me and he’ll be using his “Elaine Hussein” voice to read your part.——————————–And Elaine again:I knew you and he were partners in crime. Be sure to read this one where I turn all your harassing columns and emails over to the authorities for investigation, Little man.——————————–Me again:Hey, I thought I was Carpetbagger. Now I’m Little Man? Geez. Schizophrenic much?As for being partners in crime, I know you have this whacked out conspiracy theory that he and I have been conspiring against you. As of right now, you betcha. But only now. Unfortunately for you, there are others out there feeding him information on you. So much for me being the divisive one. You’ve got everybody united against you.By the way, thank you. I had no idea you were even reading my columns. I’m flattered. But you must have some seriously grand delusions about yourself to somehow think they warrant turning them over to the authorities for investigation.If you like, I’m happy to walk them all down to Chief Burns tomorrow to save you some trouble. I’m sure he’ll get a good laugh out of them.This has really descended to a kindergarten level, Elaine. It’s always fun sparing with you on this stuff, but I’m sure we’re both driving the rest of Council crazy now. So feel free to respond and have the last word. We know you won’t be able to sleep without doing so. I’ll give you a free pass on it so your testosterone levels can calm down before bed time and I’ll just respond privately without bothering anyone else.Have a great night.