Who Carried Water for Chris Dodd?

After twenty-four hours of denials, Senator Chris Dodd is admitting that he added a provision to the stimulus package to protect the bonuses AIG intended to pay executives.

Dodd, you will recall, is the single largest recipient of AIG employees’ campaign funds in the United States Congress.

Here’s the thing though: the amendment had to be added before it went into conference with the House. Senator Dodd was not one of the Senate representatives in the conference.

Inside Conference, the participants go over all the amendments. They have to in order to make sure the House version and Senate version are identical. Someone had to do Chris Dodd’s bidding in the Conference Committee.

Who was it?

The Senate representatives were Senators Reid, Inouye, and Baucus. Which of them worked with Senator Dodd to make sure AIG was protected?