The Way The Left Is Sending Out Ag School Grads To Defend Their Email List Means A Lot of Important People Are On It

Earlier today I wrote about the email list that a bunch of lefty bloggers and media types are on.

I originally said Keith Olbermann and David Shuster of MSNBC were on it. Ezra Klein emailed me to deny that either were, but I have subsequently received additional information that both Kos from Daily Kos and David Shuster are on the email list.

Tonight, Keith Olbermann and Kos were on that channel no one watches attacking me for pointing out the collaboration on this list between left wing bloggers, lefty policy guys, and regular run of the mill MSM reporters.

They are trying to laugh it off so much and make it a “crazy bloggers” story that we must conclude they are seriously on the defensive about this.

That is, after all, a typical attack from the left. They pooh-pooh what the right says and laugh about it to try to downplay it. They very typically do so when they really, really want to change the subject fast.

The question remains: who is on this list. And given Olbermann’s need to get out in front of this and defend the list, attack me, and misdirect all around, we really need to find out who all is on this list.

Today, a bunch of left wing bloggers and writers went on the attack after I highlighted the story. They are seriously defensive.

Here we have direct evidence of collaboration between left wing bloggers and reporters. They won’t tell us who is on the list. They downplay what is discussed on the list. What exactly are they hiding?

*Ezra Klein emails to say Kos is not on the list and the person telling me Kos is on the list is lying to me. The guy who sent me a few names off the list says Shuster is on it (though Shuster and Klein deny it) and that he is “pretty sure” Kos is. Take that for what you will.