Remember, the GOP got savaged for voting against the bailout

With all the news about about the AIG bonuses, there are a couple of things worth remembering.

First, the GOP voted against the stimulus. Why? Because it won’t stimulate anything and the Democrats decided to rush it through without letting anyone read it.

This is what happens when you write legislation in secret then rush it through.

Second, will federal prosecutors indict Chris Dodd? Dodd sneaked in a provision to protect AIG bonuses. Congress, via Dodd’s last minute amendment, specifically granted AIG permission to give the bonuses.

Dodd, you will recall, got more money from AIG than any other elected official.

Obama was the second largest recipient. Did Obama know about the provision?

The GOP should just be sitting back and watching this mess play out. They voted against the Dodd provision. They voted against the stimulus.

The Democrats own this. They own the bonuses. They own AIG. Let them deal with it.