A Peek at the Left Wing Echo Chamber

A while back when I targeted the Washington Post for hiring Greg Sargent, saying they’d never hire a right-wing blogger to do what Sargent was doing, the left, in a rather coordinated attack, punched back pointing out that RedState’s own Ben Domenech had been hired by the Post. The difference then, as now, is that Domenech had been hired specifically for opinion pieces about conservatism and Sargent had been hired as a serious, objective reporter. No right wing blogger would be treated the same.

It’s a pervasive bias in the media. They hang out with the left. They sympathize with the left. My statement on Sargent has since been proven true: his reporting has towed the Obama line, taken the Obama policy presuppositions as his own, and given the benefit of the doubt to the left, but not to the right.

His objectivity is tainted by an affinity for the left.

The Politico this morning shows that it is not just Sargent. The left has moved into a secret email listserve where left-wing bloggers, policy guys, and journalists collaborate online to form news stories that inevitably skew to the left.

I’m told such luminaries as David Shuster at MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, a host of New York Times magazine writers, Frank Rich, and others all collaborate on this list. NOTE: Ezra Klein tells me that none of these people are on the list, which contradicts my earlier information. I don’t think he’d deny it if they were. My apologies. NOTE 2: This gets better. Someone who would know tells me that Shuster is on the list. Now, unless this person (and I’m pretty sure they aren’t) is confusing it with the left-wing activist list email list, Shuster is on it. Maybe he is on both. Is David Shuster a left wing journalist, left wing activist,or both?

And it’s not just them. There are writers from the Nation, Newsweek, Huffington Post, New Republic, and a host of other left wing media sites on the list. They would have us believe that it is innocent — a gathering of intellectuals for stimulating debate.

i’m told otherwise. I am told, quite reliably I might add, that left wing bloggers and policy guys use this site as an express train to get their ideas into the mainstream media. And with sympathetic reporters who take the presuppositions made as truth, then add to those some original reporting, you have not an objective media, but a left wing echo chamber dominating print journalism and mainstream television journalism.

The questions now are: who all is on the list, what hit jobs have come through this list, and will the media disclose which of its reporters, editors, columnists, and others belong?

For a business that prides itself on news generation, the news media sure is being hush-hush. Why?