RedState Endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Attorney General

You might not realize it, but this is an election year in Virginia and New Jersey. We are particularly focused on Virginia this year, both within the Republican Party apparatus and its candidates for office.

There are three men running as Republicans for Attorney General of Virginia. Only one fits our billing — conservative, pro-life, and able to win. That man is Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli is a rare breed. He is uncompromisingly conservative. He is ardently pro-life. And he represents liberal Northern Virginia in the Virginia legislature. In fact, Cuccinelli is the last of the conservatives to represent Northern Virginia in the legislature. In the last several election cycles, it looked like Cuccinelli was toast, running against more moderate and liberal Democrats. But each time, Cuccinelli came from behind to win a district whose demographics are to the left of him. And he has never once compromised his conservative principles to represent his district.

Ken Cuccinelli plays retail politics well. He’s great on the stump and he’s great one on one. He gets the grassroots. He knows the pulse of the grassroots. He knows his district. He knows his voters. More importantly, they know him.

He is an attorney by training. In the Virginia Senate, he serves on the influential Senate Courts of Justice Committee. While most people think an Attorney General deals primarily with criminal matters, in fact the Attorney General deals with business, property, governmental, and other legal matters more often — those are right up Ken’s alley. Ken’s bar admissions include the Patent Bar, Virginia State Bar, Eastern District of Virginia, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, Court of International Trade, Court of Veteran Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ken Cuccinelli is the perfect candidate for RedStaters across the nation to rally behind. He is pro-life, he is conservative, he wins in areas most people assume conservatives cannot win, and he is totally qualified for the position.

Please join us in supporting Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Attorney General. More importantly, let’s help him beat the liberal GOP that has caused so many problems for the Virginia GOP. You can donate to him here.

Friends, there are not a lot of elections this year. There are not a lot of people needing a lot of money this year. Ken does need our help. And if you sit on the sidelines and don’t help Ken, you cede your right to complain about conservatives not making inroads — particularly in states like Virginia that are trending blue. We won’t take back Congress if we can’t build up an army of conservative leaders state by state.

Support Ken Cuccinelli.