Virginia's Congressional Republicans Unite to Call for Jeff Frederick's Ouster


All five of Virginia’s Republican members of Congress have joined the call for state party chairman Jeff Frederick’s exit. . . . U.S. Reps. Randy Forbes, Frank Wolf, Rob Wittman, Bob Goodlatte and the second-ranking Republican in the House, Eric Cantor, signed the letter.

They join the Virginia Senate GOP’s caucus and Bob McDonnell.

Now here is the problem: the conservatives in the Virginia GOP have been burned before — that’s why Frederick is there in the first place. The conservatives demanded him because of past abuses by the liberal GOP faction, which included supporting massive tax increases.

To get the conservatives to go along with it, a conservative is going to need to step forward as a replacement candidate. The First Vice Chair, Mike Thomas, is not an acceptable replacement for the grassroots of the party.

Might I suggest Shaun Kenney? Yeah, I know, he’s no Ed Gillespie. But he’s good, knows the grassroots, and could do the job better than Frederick or a lot of others. And he would be a conservative who could do the job.

There needs to be a conservative alternative to Frederick to make this happen. Kenney would be a good fit. And he’s got a history of strong innovation outside the party to benefit the party.