Bernie Madoff:Billionaires :: Barack Obama:Everyone Else

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I am sitting in a Dean & Deluca enjoying a café au lait (hey, I’m from Louisiana, deal with it) looking out at the scrolling news sign at NBC News. The headline that just scrolled past read “Bernie Madoff Spends First Night in Jail.”

We have a guy who ran a ponzi scheme that stole billions of dollars from people to fund God knows what. Granted the American people elected him President, but compare what Barack Obama is doing to what Bernie Madoff did and I fail to see a substantial difference beyond Obama having a “mandate” from voters and Madoff not having one.

Both Madoff and Obama have put people out of work. Both Madoff and Obama have destroyed the financial health of lots of people. Both Madoff’s and Obama’s schemes have convoluted accounting schemes designed to obfuscate the criminal mismanagement of other people’s money.

The difference is that Madoff did it to powerful billionaires who are now millionaires. Obama did it to the rest of us.

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