More fodder for the Charlie Crist Files

Let’s add a bit more to the Charlie Crist files this morning. It’s important to start building this narrative now so that if Crist does run for President, we’ll have a plethora of pre-existing research at our finger tips to show why Crist would be a terrible Presidential nominee, let alone a terrible Senate candidate in Florida.

Crist has, yet again, picked another liberal favorite for the Florida Supreme Court.

Crist is expected to announce his selection of Circuit Judge James Perry of Sanford, well-placed sources say, to replace retiring Justice Charles Wells.

Perry, the first black judge in Central Florida’s 18th Circuit, is the pick of civil rights leaders and trial lawyers who admired his rise out of the Jim Crow South. But he is not the favorite of the NRA and tort reform advocates and social conservatives, who had hoped for a more conservative-leaning judge who has a record on the criminal bench.

Crist picked an anti-gun, pro-abortion liberal for the Florida Supreme Court. And it’s not the first time. Remember that when it comes time to consider Crist on another ballot.