The GOP.com RFP

I have been digging some more on the RFP I wrote about last week. In fact, I think pretty much everyone with a blog has written about it.

Well, there is a new RFP out now with a lot more detail. David All sent it around this morning.

Speaking to people familiar with what went on, it appears this was a case of bad timing. Cyrus Krohn departed and all of a sudden this very weak RFP comes out. One of the issues with keeping Cyrus has been all the dealings with consultants in Washington and problems related thereto.

When the RFP came out, and it was only two pages of vagueness, red flags went up everywhere.

From what I’m told, that document was an executive summary of what was intended. Those groups that responded to the executive summary received this more detailed RFP in order to make a credible proposal for the work.

That is much better than the initial conclusions everyone drew and I have no suspicion of backpedaling into this RFP by the RNC. The fault, it would seem, is that the original document was not clearly labeled an executive summary.