Al Gore & John Kerry Voter Upset With Ann Coulter

Ah celebrity. It’s a wonderful thing. When your dad is a celebrity, it can get you really cool gigs to prove you are hipper than the hip-replaced crowd. And you can write mildly amusing articles at the Daily Beast complaining about Ann Coulter.

Let’s just pick apart one measly paragraph of this pablum by Megan McCain complaining about Ann Coulter to get to how ridiculous it is.

I hope viewers understand Ann Coulter is not the woman we Republicans need representing us right now.

Ann is a conservative first. And in her debates with Bill Maher, it’ll be between ideas on the left and ideas on the right — not Democrat v. Republican. I am surprised you would conflate the two. See, it was Republicans who supported your dad and conservatives who he kicked in the nuts all the time.

The GOP is at a crossroads.

That it is. But do we really want to take advice on which path to choose from someone who could not bring herself to vote for the party’s nominee in 2004 during a time of war? Likewise, here we go again with you conflating the GOP and conservatives. At least you recognize that we conservatives tend to run the place. When we don’t, the GOP tends to lose elections. See e.g. the 2008 Presidential Election.

I love the Republican Party, but if it turns out I am somehow not conservative enough to please its leaders

Now when did Ann Coulter become a leader of the party? Or is Ann just a proxy for the icky conservatives that did not like your dad because he constantly sold out the party’s principles for self-aggrandizement — kind of like what you are doing now? And, by the way, throughout the article, you don’t really mention it, but isn’t your grudge more personal than Ann as somehow the face of the GOP? She didn’t much like your dad, after all.

it makes me wonder—am I then not worthy of even being a member?

You are perfectly worthy of being a member of the GOP if you believe in freedom and liberty. But that’s not what you are really after is it? You want to be a voice guiding the party and, given that people like Coulter and Rush are much more articulate than you, though they don’t throw around the word “hip” as much, the competition is stiff. So you’d rather bash them than articulate a vision of where things should go.

One last one from earlier in the article. Megan writes

If you truly have the GOP’s best interests at heart, how can you possibly justify telling an audience of millions that a Democrat would be a better leader than the Republican presidential candidate?

Um, pot meet kettle. You voted for John Kerry and, it would seem, Al Gore.

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