Carbon Fuels Have Small Footprints.

A bunch of bureaucrats in Sacramento are about to give California and the rest of the nation a license to drill for more American oil.

In an effort to save the environment, the California Air Resources Board has come up with a set of Low Carbon Fuel Standards that measure the carbon footprint of different kinds of fuels.

As it turns out, the Air Resources Board has determined that oil-based fuels have a smaller carbon footprint than ethanol or other biofuels.

Seeing as how oil-based fuel has a smaller carbon footprint than ethanol, this pretty much opens the door for more drilling of American oil – perhaps right off the California coast.  And we all know that, as California goes, so goes the rest of the nation.  Pretty soon, we can expect oil rigs popping up from ANWR to the Gulf of Mexico to the Virginia and North Carolina coast.

Now, there’s a group of scientists who are not happy with this determination that oil-based fuels have a smaller carbon footprint than ethanol, and they have sent a letter to Gov. Schwarzenegger, informing him of this misguided decision by the Air Resources Board.

This letter to The Governator pleading for him to do something might work, but this could be Arnold’s shrewdest political move ever – using a bunch of environmental wacko bureaucrats to pave the way for more domestic drilling in the name of the environment.  To the California Air Resources Board, we say, this is one small step for common sense, one giant leap for US energy independence.