The Orchestrated Effort to Start Limbaugh vs. Cantor

I told you yesterday that the ABC News story saying Cantor rebuked Limbaugh was an organized effort on the left. Today we find out why.

The Politico publishes a list of the people Nancy Pelosi hates. Rush Limbaugh and Eric Cantor are the top two guys on the right that she hates. It’s kind of sad Boehner and McConnell aren’t up there.

But Cantor and Limbaugh it is, so the left must work to cause a feud between them, thereby helping Nancy wreck havoc on the nation.

It is very, very interesting what the Politico says about why Nancy hates Eric Cantor and very instructive about who we should all be looking to in the House of Representatives for leadership against the left.

See below:

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.). It’s no surprise that Pelosi isn’t crazy about the young, aggressive minority whip, who has marshaled an anti-Pelosi GOP insurgency in the House.

Pelosi has good personal relationship with House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio). But members of her leadership cadre are starting to really dislike Cantor, despite their public pose of studied indifference. Part of the reason: Cantor is employing many of the same techniques Pelosi used so successfully to torture former House Speaker Dennis Hastert when she was the Democratic whip in 2002 and 2003.

It remains to be seen if Cantor’s power-of-“no” philosophy will work — congressional approval ratings have actually spiked on the stimulus — but he’s gotten traction by nitpicking Pelosi’s proposals and magnifying the majority’s blunders.

Good for Cantor. That also makes him a great whip. By and large, Boehner has to be seen as a bit more likable. Cantor’s job is to hold the Republican conference in line and fight for freedom. Thus far he’s doing very well.

And so he has become the new target. Remember, the Democrats felt threatened by Newt Gingrich, so they worked to demonize him.

The Democrats felt threatened by Tom DeLay, so they worked to demonize him.

Now the Democrats feel threatened by Eric Cantor and Rush Limbaugh, so they are working to demonize both of them.

You can tell who the Democrats think are most dangerous by who they turn the media against in their attempts at demonization.

You can also tell who they don’t feel threatened by based on who they ignore. And that is actually more telling.