"How do ya like me now?"

This past Wednesday night, RedState and Human Events held a party welcoming back Republicans to Congress. Our special guest and keynote speaker was Michael Steele.In his opening remarks he mentioned RedState not endorsing him. He said he could get over it, but would say to me (calling me out by name) what Obama said after he secured the nomination — “How do ya like me now?”We laughed. We made up. To answer his question, though, today I’m not sure.This sort of thing with Rush Limbaugh plays right into concerns many of us had about Steele. He called Rush’s CPAC speech, which was very well received, “incendiary” and “ugly.”What was so ugly about it? What was so incendiary?Rush lit into Steele today on the radio. And he’s absolutely right on this. First, Steele made a novice mistake. Of course the media is going to try to start a fight. Look at what they tried to do between Rush and Cantor. Steele took the bait. He should not have.Second, if Steele actually wants to support Obama, as Rush rightly pointed out, why the hell is he Chairman of the RNC instead of the DNC? And why should people give money to the RNC if they are going to be apologists?This is not a fight between Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele. This is a fight between Michael Steele’s mouth and his foot. Matt Lewis has some more thoughts.By the way, if you are hesitant, given the present situation, of giving money to the RNC, might I suggest giving instead to the National Conservative Campaign Fund?