A Question About Rush's 'Conservative' Critics

Are any of Rush’s critics actual solid conservatives with a record of accomplishment? David Frum worked in the White House for about five minutes and is pro-abortion. Rod Dreher’s writing bursts with contempt for middle America conservatives, Michael Steele is a Christine Todd Whitman Republican, Ross Douthat is busy redefining conservatism, etc.

Rush has been fighting for us on the front lines for two decades and he has proven he can make a difference in elections and policy for the better. I love the guy just for making me smile on a daily basis. These other turds who want us to sideline our most proven warrior do nothing but tear down others to elevate themselves, and none of them have proven any lasting success that we can trust. They preach about big tents, inclusion and broad appeal, but they can’t stop condescending to the majority of the Republican Party that consider themselves Rush Limbaugh conservatives. I’m so sick of these leeches.

Oh, and have any of these critics ever actually won an election?