The Bobby Jindal Fabulist, Zachary Roth, Is Unstable

Emotionally unstable people, for reasons unknown to me, are frequent fabulists. I guess they need to compensate for the overly emotional life they suffer through. The lies help them cope. They become their reality and calm them.

Zachary Roth is apparently one of those people.

The New York Observer’s beleaguered media editor, Zachary Roth, “has quit,” according to Mediabistro. Word on the street since Roth took over the weekly’s press coverage in August, was that he might have been ill-prepared for the task. Roth was under so much pressure, in fact, that according to a source he broke down in the newsroom at one point.

It seems pretty certain now that he’s trying to rehabilitate himself as a left-wing hit man in the mode of David Brock, etc., by distorting Bobby Jindal’s story and then, as the facts come out, moving the goal posts further and further off the field.

Keith Olbermann suffers the same way, but then Olbermann is bat crap crazy. I don’t know whether this Roth guy is or not. But he’s definitely lying about Bobby Jindal — the liar accusing the honest person of lying. Typical leftist.

By the way, Ben Smith worked at the New York Observer for a while. Did he and Roth know each other there? Is that why he’s trying to carry water for Roth’s story?