Sarah Steelman Called

Well I’m really flattered. I was headed out of a meeting on the Hill and an unknown number showed up on my cell phone. I usually don’t answer unknown numbers, but I did. I’m glad I did.

The other day I wrote that people in Missouri, including people who had given Steelman large sums for her governor’s race, were calling to tell me she is a jerk.

I verified the people so I know they are who they say they are. I don’t know why they felt the need to call. They know, I’m sure, that I really like Roy Blunt, but they also know, I’m sure, that Roy Blunt and I do not see eye to eye on a lot of fiscal issues. He’s great on life issues and social issues, but he’s not really a fiscal conservative. And I have real issues with that.

So it’s no surprise, I guess, that people would be calling to push me toward Blunt and away from Sarah Steelman, with whom I share many, many common positions.

Anyway, Sarah Steelman was on the phone.

She wanted me to know she’s not a jerk. She certainly did not sound like a jerk. She said she figures a lot of the rumor mongering against her stems from her lack of participation in the general with Kenny Hulshof, the eventual GOP nominee.

In fact, according to Steelman, she did endorse Hulshof, but was asked to participate in only one event — one she could not make because she does not participate in political events on nights her sons play football. She did not get asked to participate in any other events.

Here’s what it all boils down to. Sarah Steelman does not seem like a jerk. And frankly, the jerks either never call or call to yell. She did not call to yell, but to introduce herself. That’s classy.

So I’m impressed. This may be one of those races I sit out of because, again, I think I’m closer to Steelman ideologically, but I know Roy and like him personally.

By the way, Steelman did not say she was running. But the fact that she called suggests she is. And I’m hearing more and more that conservative groups are going to rally to her if she does, while the Republican Party of Missouri will probably back Roy Blunt.

I don’t know if the conservative army can beat the GOP establishment. And I don’t know if, after a very bloody primary, either could beat Carnahan. Something’s got to give. We cannot afford to lose this seat.